Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Parchment Paper Cookbook GIVEAWAY!!

Brette Sember Presents:

The Parchment Paper Cookbook


Yes, it's the 2nd Annual Super College Chef Reader GIVEAWAY!! How exciting for you! Just as with the Trader Joe's College Cookbook Reader Giveaway, there will be a cooking related contest. As soon as I think of the remaining parameters of the contest, I'll post them at the end of this blog. I don't have all the details completely scrubbed out, but the gears are turning, people.

Author Brette Sember is hosting this time around. The Parchment Paper Cookbook boasts 180 healthy, mess-free recipes that require no pots or pans! This is just in time for the holidays. Who wants to be stuck washing dishes when you could be eating? These quick and delicious meals are great for last minute dinners, desserts, and appetizers.

Brette Sember has been published all over the web and in the actual physical world (where I some day hope to write). Miss Sembers wide scope of interests led to publications in The Huffington Post, The New York Law Journal, and American Baby among hundreds of others. Her expertise covers a lot of ground ranging from blogging, ghostwriting, copy editing, and is an indispensable book doctor!

Now you know the credentials and you know you're hungry for a free cookbook. Need I tempt you more? MORE? More you say!? Then feast your eyes on this tasty morsel from Miss Sember's The Parchment Paper Cookbook!

First, I'm going to have the Caramel Pear THEN the Root Beer Beef & Broccoli. I like dessert first. So I can have a second dessert after dinner. And to think, all this can be yours! But first, compete for my affection! As promised earlier in the post, I concocted a contest for this New Reader Giveaway. Oh, did you think it would be easy?
Well, it is! The new contest for the Brette Sember Read Giveaway is located HERE!! Follow this link to the official rules for the Super College Chef CHILI Cook-Off, or the SCCCCO!! If you'd like to take a gander at my chili recipe maybe to stir up a little inspiration of your own, or maybe if you're just hungry! Lily's Chili is some of the best I've had or made so check it out.

Please email your submissions to Good luck! I can't wait to be amazed!



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