Saturday, January 7, 2012

Super Chef Super Update! CHILI COOK-OFF!

Happy New Year, Everybody!

I kind of dipped off the radar for a while during the holi-daze, but Super College Chef is coming back strong for the new year! As tradition dictates, we're going to cover some old business before we get to new business.

Chili Cook-Off

Didn't get so many responses for last Reader Give-Away. I've decided to change the contest to be a Chili Cook-Off! In this chilly willy winter, there's nothing better to warm you up that a hot bowl of chili. Send in your Chili recipe for a chance to win a copy of The Parchment Paper Cookbook. All recipes must be 100% original, no cheaters, yo.

Chili is so amazing. Whether you make it meaty, beany, spicy, cheesy, I want your recipe! Don't feel left out, vegetarians. There's plenty of meat-free chili options that I would love to try. Send in your Chili Recipe today and win a copy of The Parchment Paper Cookbook!

That's all for now. Remember to send in your chili recipe for the Super College Chef Chili Cook-Off (or SCCCCO) by February 14th. Please enter all submissions to Good luck and good appetite!


P.S. Check out both chili recipes here on Super College Chef for some inspiration! Try Not My Mama's Chili and the newly added Lily's Chili for a couple ideas on some easy chili bases.

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