Homemade Marvels

Sometimes you need a home-cooked meal. The problem is, you've finally moved out of your parent's house and have NO CLUE what to do or how to do it. Frozen dinners don't cut it and the store brand frozen lasagna made you sick. The solution is to take a look at the following recipes.

I've compiled a sumptuous collection of simply elegant meals that any beginning chef can cook! A lot of these recipes I came up with on my own, but most of them are from my family.

  • Pasta Sauce: The culmination of tomato sauce recipes from my whole family, united as one.
  • BBQ Meatloaf: Like most things in life, you make it better with some BBQ. Click HERE for the updated version!

Keep checking back for more recipes. The Super College Chef will only rest when everyone is full and happy!



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