Midnight Snacks

Is your mouth hankering for a spankin'? Got the midnight munchies? The 12 o'clock num-nums? The tummy rumbles, the . . . well you get it. You're hungry for a snack. Here's a direct vein to the source of Super College Chef's late night binge writing.

Below you'll find a list of the salty, the sweet, the crunchy, gooey, tangy, and spicy! If this doesn't satisfy your taste buds, head back to the main page and sort aimlessly through the years of recipes.

  • Hot Crackers! These spicy and tangy munchables are highly addictive!

  • Fried Bananagains: Bananas fried in brown sugar and butter, who knew it could be so good?

  • Anchovies! Marinated in red wine vinegar and served on Italian bread, it's a salty snack that melts in your mouth. 
As always on Super College Chef, there's more to come! Now make you're way over the the dessert page! (Oops, that's not finished yet!)



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