Diggity Desserts

On those rare occasions, you may come across someone who hates chocolate or doesn't like sweets. That's when you tie them up, throw them in a row boat, and push them off from the dock. May the tide take them into Poseidon's salty bosom.

As for the rest of us, I have gathered some of the yummiest, chocolatey, crunchy, excellence for the distinguished pleasure of you're sweet tooth!
    • Fried Bananagains: These sweet treats are great for topping cakes or ice cream, but are just as fantastic on their own!

    • Mississippi Mud Cake: The best chocolate cake in the world. My Mama makes it for me every time I come home and it's my birthday cake every year! 

    •  Chocolate Blackberry Cobbler: Sweet and tart, chocolatey and fruity! The best of both worlds combined into a super easy, yet mighty impressive dessert.

         If these treats don't put you in a sugar-induced pleasure-coma, I don't know what will. But if sweets aren't what you're craving, take a look at the Midnight Snacks page by clicking right . . . over . . . here!



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