Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Mama's Garlic Bread

Crispy, buttery, garlic PERFECTION.

I noticed a lot of garlic bread recipes call for an ass-load of butter mixed with garlic and herbs - but that's not Mama's way. The amount of butter some people use is, well, grotesque. Remember people, this is a SIDE. It's not supposed to contain enough calories to solidify the cholesterol in your arteries. It's supposed to be yummy!

Super simple, here we go.

You will need:
  • SO MUCH GARLIC, 4-5 nice-sized cloves, diced up super tiny
  • Nice, sliced, crusty bread, preferably
  • 2-4 TBSP olive oil
  • 2-3 TBSP butter
Preheat the oven to 450 OR use your toaster oven!

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Give it a moment to let the pan heat up then add the butter. Coat the pan with the butter while it's melting. Sop up the butter with the bread slices on both sides, then set them aside. Now add the olive oil to the skillet and let it get hot.

Test the oil to see if it's hot by dropping one piece of garlic into the skillet. If it sizzles, stir in the rest of the garlic. Gently stir the garlic around until it's aromatic, or the smell of garlic permeates your kitchen. Take your pre-buttered bread and smoosh it onto the hot garlic oil. Press a few times until the bread slice has picked up a good amount of garlic bits.

Depending on how crispy you like your garlic bread, put the slices on a pan for less crispy and straight on the oven rack if you like it extra crunchy! About 5-6 minutes should do it. Wait for it to cool, though, or risk burning your dainty little fingers. Have it with your pasta, lasagna, lamb chops, or, MY FAVORITE, broccoli cheddar soup!

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